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You thought or tried to sell your millionaire property and this brought you stress and frustrations, now, if I manage to have a luxury property, why complicate with the easiest thing.
A unit in Hyde Beach House need s a brand like Castell Blau that projects the value of its property and that can access the most exclusive markets worldwide, with a team of consultants specialized in the tower, it will have the success thought in the expected time .

 Marketing Global

Buyer All Over The World

Castell Blau has access to potential buyers all over the world. Not only do we reach millions of consumers through our elegant and sophisticated marketing efforts, but we also have the added benefit of collaborating with other Castell Blau professionals to strategically select and recommend buyers for specific properties...like yours.

Pricing & Preparation

Pricing a home is both an art and a science based on your specific goals and timeline. With market insights and a keen eye to determine home adjustments to showcase your property in the best light, we'll work with you on guiding that strategy to minimize stress and maximize the price of your home.


You can expect to have a customized marketing strategy developed for your property, showcasing it at its best to a targeted but meaningful audience based on specific criteria.
This thanks to a strategic alliance with Vaixell Media Marketing specialists.

Negotiation & Closing

In the best interest of our sellers, Castell Blau advisors will negotiate ideal terms and pricing. An opportunity to demonstrate our process, precision and personalized service that attracts the right buyers at the right price, we ensure success with a smooth closing.

Specific Marketing For Hyde Beach House

Hyde Beach House own and exclusive website, which is a reference for those interested in acquiring a unit and for owners. There they find from characteristics of the units, plans, location in the tower to the properties currently for sale, along with relevant information about Hyde Beach House. Here we will put your property in a prominent place and highlighted with all the material to make it visible in a special way.
You can't get a more local promotion than the specialized website at Hyde Beach House

Accessible Credits.

We have the possibility to provide potential buyers with contacts to obtain loans for million dollar properties "Jumbo loans" with only a 20% deposit "Down payment" whether national or foreign. We work a global market, exclusive properties and we have contacts to solve everything and close the sale of these characteristics

Unique Service From Castell Blau And Pimas Team

Selling millionaire properties to foreigners or nationals is our specialty and Hyde Beach House not only adapts to this market but we also have a team of consultants specialized in the tower.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to acting in the best interest of our selling customers. When it comes to negotiating the ideal terms and prices, Castell Blau advisors represent you with complete passion and transparency. We strive to keep customers for life, and this part is critical to our opportunity to demonstrate that our process, precision, and personalized service attract the right buyers every time. 

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